Why Choose Us? | Three Sisters Consultancy

Why choose us?

Three Sisters was founded by us, two sisters. Even though we have different backgrounds and different areas of expertise, we wanted to start a business that reflected our core values of helping and empowering people to make better decisions for themselves, their organisations, and the people they work with.

So why did we start a business together?

You know all those petty arguments over who used the last of the milk in the office fridge? The office politics that can affect not only your wellbeing, but your productivity? Well, we’ve had a quarter of a century to hash these problems out. Working with each other as sisters allows us to bypass the office politics and focus on achieving outcomes. We both have our own strengths and weakness, and can combine these to make a business concept that we really care about.

We see our partners as our third sister, because in collaborating with us, they’re part of the family.