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Alzheimer Scotland

At Three Sisters Consultancy, we found that we were being approached more frequently by practitioners who supported adults living with dementia. Predominantly, the main concerns they raised with us were about supporting somebody living with dementia to express their sexuality. Our experience with working at the intersection of sexuality and disability meant that we had experience of building staff confidence. But we knew that we needed to bring on the expertise in dementia to make this training a success.

We decided to collaborate with Alzheimer’s Scotland as a leading charity, and have worked together to build a one day course for anyone supporting a person with dementia to help them understand the important of sexuality in dementia care. This course has been featured in the Herald and is available across Scotland.

This process supports groups to collaborate more successfully and can help:

Learning Outcomes:

• Examine the importance of sexuality in dementia care.

• Illustrate awareness & understanding of the diverse nature of sexuality.

• Demonstrate confidence & skill when supporting people with dementia to express their sexuality.

• Feel empowered to balance individual rights to sexuality with staff's right to a safe working environment.

• Navigate the complexity of consent, and feel confidentcontinuing to do so in their role.

• Understand the importance of including sexuality in care planning processes.

• Feel enabled to understand individual sexual needs and how these may be expressed in behaviour and support people to manage these needs appropriately.

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