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Our journey with

The Family
Planning Association

At Three Sisters Consultancy, we value our long term partnerships. The Family Planning Association is the leading UK sexual health charity and got in touch with us because they wanted to expand their training into Scotland. The FPA asked us to be their Scottish training team and to deliver a variety of their programmes to organisations across Scotland.

So far we have worked with over 120 staff in various settings. As well as applying our expertise to Scottish audiences, we have expanded across the UK, with the most recent sessions being in Grimsby and Glasgow.

Learning outcomes vary for each training session as sessions are tailored to each organisation’s need, but most courses explore:

• Knowledge of legal issues and government guidance when it comes to sexuality and the people you support.

• Personal values and attitudes and the impact these have on work.

• A range of current resources and examples of exercises that can be used with the people you support.

• What language to use when talking about contraception, relationships and sex with the people you support.

If you are interested in learning more about our joint work with the FPA, please email