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Facilitation Services

If none of the training courses we deliver fit your needs, or you want neutral facilitation to discuss a topic that is relevant to you, we also offer a made to measure facilitation service.

The definition of facilitate is “to make easy”. Our facilitators can plan, guide and manage a group to whatever outcome they need to reach. We make sure that we understand what you would like to achieve and use creative facilitation approaches to enhance clear thinking, full participation and enthusiasm in groups.

This process supports groups to collaborate more successfully and can help:

• generate new ideas for projects or services
• resolve conflict and tensions within group working
• move past inaction and develop a strategy to move forwards
• evaluate a project with everyone involved
• engage with people who use services collaboratively

We are able to respond to your facilitation needs (regardless of topic) to create open, safe spaces for learning. We pride ourselves in knowing the sector and taking on opportunities to learn more, so let us know if you think we can help you.

Get in touch to discuss what we can support you with and pricing structures.