Sexuality and Disability | Three Sisters Consultancy

Sexuality and Disability

We are passionate about supporting intersectionality. In particular, we want education, health and social care providers to acknowledge that sexuality cannot be ignored.

In our culture, disabled people, people living with long terms conditions and young people with additional support needs are de-sexualised. Societal assumptions and stigma often means these groups are not given the support they need to express and explore their own sexuality.

Sexuality is such a key part of our identity, and it isn't all about sex! Exploring sexuality can range from anything to learning about our bodies, exploring what kind of clothes we like, to thinking about who we are sexually attracted to.

We think that everyone should have a human rights based approach to sexuality. By building confidence, knowledge and skills with staff we hope to contribute to a changing culture in care that reflects Scotland’s national care standards.

We offer specialist programmes which explore sex, consent and the law as well as support practitioners to move away from risk aversion towards human rights.

So… let’s talk about sex!